What is the best type of fig?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


RobertaJ June 3, 2012
For me, the best fig is whichever kind of fresh fig I have in my kitchen ! I love 'em all.
Thistle June 2, 2012
It depends on what you're doing with it. For just eating, the Calimyrna fig (golden in color) is a good one if you can find it. For putting into recipes, the Mission (purple in color and prettiest, in my estimation) and for making pastes and what-not, the golden-colored Adriatic fig, for it's higher sugar content. For growing, I have no idea but would love to get tips on that.
Dianaba June 2, 2012
My favorite are green figs, also called white adriatic figs. They're bright red/pink on the inside and have a great fresh and sweet flavor. I love them raw, but have also roasted them, wrapped in bacon. They release a sweet syrup when cooked.
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