Fig Newtons with fresh figs

Could someone steer me towards a good recipe for fig newtons using fresh figs. I'm only finding recipes with dried figs and them figs on my tree are coming in fast.



ATG117 August 26, 2013
I would either roast the fresh figs first or make a jam with them. I don't think using fresh figs will work otherwise.
marcellatp August 26, 2013
I've used the fig bar recipe from the Fannie Farmer baking book. Instead of dried figs I've made the filling with fresh and simply omitted all the liquid (water, orange and lemon juices) and cooked chopped fresh figs with the sugars until it's jam like. Add in a bit of lemon juice to taste and brighten things up. Then proceed with the rest of the recipe as directed. Works fine.
David August 26, 2013
I also like fig chutney and it seems to have more uses than the jam...sort of dresses up a ham sandwich.
Good Luck
David August 26, 2013
No, I use molasses, brown sugar, honey...sometimes a little of each(perhaps 1/2 cup total for 2 doz. figs and a squeeze of lemon. (I usually cut them in half as well.)
David August 26, 2013
Nothing too fancy, Myer's rum and E&J Brandy
HalfPint August 26, 2013
Thank you for all the info! I was getting really tired of fig jam. I'm assuming you are roasting the figs with a little honey or sugar, or are they roasted plain?
David August 26, 2013
I've always liked to roast figs and pour them with the roasting juices into a mason jar and fill with brandy or dark rum. As you eat them one or two at a time they'll be the best roasted figs you can remember and when the jar is empty of figs you'll have the best brandy.
HalfPint August 26, 2013
Ooooo, what brand of brandy or dark rum would you recommend?
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