I need to hard boil 6 dozen eggs tonight for a class party tomorrow. What's the best way to do a lot of eggs at once?



Brenda B. September 7, 2019
Instapot. The six quart model will hold 30 eggs in the basket. Place one cup of water in the bottom of the pot. Load the basket with the eggs. Set the Instapot to 6 minutes, high pressure. Do quick release when done and place the eggs in an ice bath. This stops them from cooking and they peel really easy. Don't let the Instapot cool to much, make sure there is water in the bottom, approximately a cup, and do the second batch. I find by peeling them while the other batch is cooking makes for fast work.
Pegeen June 26, 2012
Six dozen? You and two neighbors with big pots!
sarah K. June 19, 2012
I love boiled eggs, so I've experimented with all the ways. I like the oven method for its ability to make lots at a time, but they've been hard to peel. I've gone back to the traditional way of gently lowering room-temp eggs into boiling water, along with a splash of vinegar and a pinch of salt, then boiling for 8-10 minutes. They're so much easier to peel. If you have a large pot, do as many as you can at once. You can even boil several smaller pots of water, then pour them into the one, and this might be quicker.
Or just do a few batches? You don't need to boil a new pot of water each time, so it only adds 10 minutes per batch.
SeaJambon June 19, 2012
Or one really big pot. Truly. We do a homeless shelter lunch periodically and boil six dozen eggs in one really large pot all at once (the homeless really appreciate hardboiled eggs as they are portable and can be taken with them for a later snack). Takes awhile to get the water boiling, and make sure the eggs are reasonably tightly packed so they don't all bang against each other. Boil gently and you're good to go.
I would do 2 dozen eggs in three pots.
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 18, 2012
Check out this past hotline link about the baking method: http://www.food52.com/hotline/13764-best-method-for-hard-boiled-eggs
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