quayle eggs

Best way to serve them? Boiled or fried? with caviar?



aargersi May 28, 2015
They are kind of a pain to peel but so cute! See?

Jan W. May 28, 2015
I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist...
bigpan May 27, 2015
If you are up to fiddling around with small eggs you can poach and carefully slice in half lengthwise and serve on greens; or, hard boil and serve the same way.
For caviar I would serve with a soft yolk and top with caviar.
But, for me the best way to serve caviar is to make some super smooth mashed potato mix with sour cream and fine cho scallion. Put the warm potato mixture in a Martini glass with a generous amount of caviar and you best ivory caviar spoons.
C S. May 27, 2015
Ivory caviar spoons?
Cav May 27, 2015
metal spoons are supposed to taint the flavour of good caviar, unlike bone spoons. Being neither wealthy enough to even walk past a shop selling good caviar in those pretty metal cans or having the drawer space for a mix of spoons to test with, I've not tested this, willing as I am.

As for the quail egg question. They're tiny eggs. There's no best recipe for them, as there isn't a best recipe for a hen egg. They do make a neat presentation, and their fiddly nature is well known, so you get points for that. Having said that, I have pickled them in beetroot, deviled them and turned them into a scotch egg with great success.
Susan W. May 28, 2015
Tidbits: most ivory is illegal to own unless it comes from a wild boar or wart hog. Supposedly contact with metal changes the flavor, but it's stored in a metal tin, so that is probably a misconception. A Shi Shi aviary place here serves it with mother of pearl spoons. Anything inert works including wood or gold. Break out your gold spoons!!
ChefJune May 29, 2015
Metal spoons make caviar taste tinny. However, not having ivory spoons, I use plastic. (HORRORS!!!)

Somewhere out there on the internet is a recipe a colleague and I once made for a chef's fundraiser tasting dinner. We stuffed quail eggs with egg salad and avocado mousse, and topped them off with creme fraiche and caviar. We could have used some elves with tiny fingers. It was very piddly work, but they were delicious and looked gorgeous.
ChefJune May 27, 2015
Don't you mean quail eggs? They are a PITA to peel...
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