meringue question

I want to make the Coffee S'mores Pie from my new Bon Appetit magazine. The meringue is egg whites and sugar. The recipe says to toast with a kitchen torch "if desired" . I dont have a torch, but I want it toasted. Any suggestions? The crust is made of graham crackers and the filling is a rich chocolate ganache. Can I put it under the broiler instead?

Stephanie G


Maedl June 27, 2012
Yes, the broiler. that is the way my mother did it and the meringues on her pies were gorgeous. Rule 1: Once you put the pie under the broiler, do not move away and do not try to do something else while the top browns!
TheFritschKitchen June 27, 2012
Broiler is the answer! Just make sure to keep an eagle eye on it and you will be good to go. It will look toasted and delicious!
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