Meringue for lemon meringue pie turned thick and glossy, not “light and fluffy” as indicated in recipe

I am making David Lebovitz’s meringue from his lime meringue tart. The directions say to heat egg whites and sugar to 140 degrees on bain marie then whip until cooled and light and fluffy. I’m a bit unprepared and have neither a thermometer nor mixer. So I guessed the temperature (when whites/sugar mixture was hot to the touch and all sugar had dissolved). I’m whipping by hand with a whisk.. which is as awful as it sounds.. but the whites won’t get “light and fluffy” only thick and glossy. Is thick and glossy what happens when you cook the whites to too high a temp? Or have I not whipped long enough? Thank you!!!

Britania Pousson-Nicastro
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1 Comment

Lindsay-Jean H. December 18, 2017
How did the tart turn out Britania? I'm sorry this isn't in time for this one, but these two articles might be helpful for the next time;
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