Need a recipe for an English Lemon Sponge Cake

Im making a birthday cake for an English friend who has requested a traditional lemon sponge cake. I've checked the recipes here but the Passover recipes and the lemon roll up arent quite what I'm looking for...I've googled "english lemon sponge" but I'm not sure which recipe I can trust...counting on my trustworthy food 52ers to help me out.



lorigoldsby June 28, 2012
Would love to see your recommendation recipe for the Victorian sponge...sounds a bit fancier and she mentioned she served one at her wedding?
Esther P. June 28, 2012
Ok, im English and so is hubby... I'd use a victoria sponge cake recipe, add some lemon zest in to the batter, and some essence if you've got some, then put lemon curd and whipped cream between the two cakes. However! Hubby considers it to be a Lemon drizzle cake - a sponge with lemon juice and sugar poured over once baked. I have to say that just this once, hubby is probably right... A Lemon drizzle cake is a pretty common sight, and a lemon Victoria sponge isn't that common really.
hardlikearmour June 28, 2012
If your friend means a Victoria sponge cake (similar to a pound cake) I think mrslarkin's XYZ cake might fit the bill.
lorigoldsby June 28, 2012
Thanks HLA! I see MrsLarkin acknowledges you in her notes...looks like great advice!
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