Need Low Sodium, Low Fat Fruit Dessert Ideas

I have to take a fruit dish to a church couple & would appreciate any suggestiins you might have, low sodium & low fat. Thank you so much.



susan G. July 10, 2012
Replace the whipped cream with low or no fat Greek yogurt. I had a bowl of peach slices like that last night. You could dress it up -- I don't.
Homemadecornbread July 10, 2012
Homemade fresh fruit sorbet. No fat, no sodium, low sugar, delicious!
ChefJune July 10, 2012
and so refreshing in hot weather!
BoulderGalinTokyo July 10, 2012
All fruits are low sodium and low fat. If adding whip cream, look for low-fat variety. Sugary sauces will add calories, but not fat or sodium.
LRoberts July 8, 2012
The other night, a friend of mine mixed fresh peach wedges and blueberries into a balsamic reduction and topped with whipped cream. Delicious!
jsdunbar July 8, 2012
Fruit salad or a fresh fruit plate, stewed rhubarb alone or with strawberries , raspberries, blueberries , etc., with a low salt plain cake. I use a pinch of salt or none in my cakes.
That should be rhubarb. Almost any fruit alone or in combo, with a little sugar to dissolve into "sauce" or cooked with sugar to be like the bottom of a fruit crumble, would be lovely served with cake to soak up the "juices".
ellenl July 8, 2012
Google "sodium girl"--she does some great work!
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