I'm making a white pizza with chicken, asparagus and basil. The chichken breast will be grilled and sliced. How to avoid dry chicken?

I'm concerned it might be too dry and stringy when cooked again on the pizza at high heat. Any suggestions?



pierino July 9, 2012
More on white pizza, in Italy known as "pizza bianca. No "sauce" is needed for a white pizza. The two regions known for this style are Lazio (Roma) and Liguria. In Rome pizza bianca usually has a rectangular shape and topped with maybe sliced onions and garlic. Of course you could use that platform and add some toppings to it (but don't try to be California Pizza Kitchen). In Liguria it is of course, foccacia; thicker crust and dimpled, uneven surface.
pierino July 9, 2012
Too late to be of help but as a veteran pizzaiolo I would completely cook the chicken but add the slices at the very end of the pizza's cooking time. The asparagus could be grilled ahead as well.
Sam1148 July 8, 2012
Thanks everyone. I did the coating of the sauce and more cheese on top of that. With just raw asparagus. I tried to under the chicken, but failed--it was still on the moist side off the grill tho.
Cannizzo July 8, 2012
And you don't need to pre cook the asparagus
Cannizzo July 8, 2012
No just under cook your chicken just cook it enough to get some grilled flavor on it the pizza cooks it a very high heat that when you slice it thin and put it on the pizza it will cook all the way no problem
Benny July 8, 2012
hmmm.. As long as you don't overcook the chicken on the grill, I would think it should be fine for a few minutes in a high heat oven.

By "white pizza", do you refere to a pizza with white sauce, or no sauce? if you will be using sauce, try coating the grilled chicken a little. Maybe that will keep the moisture in?
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