making an entree for a housewarming. Need a croud pleaser. it will be not be outside. any ideas would be appreciated!



HalfPint July 23, 2012
My sister makes this for parties and it's always the first dish finished. It's good warm or at room temp. My husband loves it cold, straight from the fridge.


Pecan-Ann July 23, 2012
One of my absolute favorites and I don't care about those people that don't like bacon!!! cause everyone will eat a bit once in awhile! baby roasted potatoes with a bit of bacon wrapped around them, make them crispy on the outside and smooth creamy on the inside. I put them on sticks so you can dip. BUT for the bacon no goers ... I wrap them in herbs.... and then oil with seasoned olive oils.... so cute, so delish, and easy, make a huge panful and every one will eat as is or dip and shout!!! yummy
Sam1148 July 23, 2012
Wow..I didn't include the link..


Fantastic recipe...IMHO.

Sam1148 July 23, 2012
These might be more considered finger food...but can also be a main star for entree in quantities. Depends on the serving situtation. A stand up 'nosh' or a sit down dinner.

The components of the yogurt sauce and grapes can be made a head of time..and plate them with tooth picks on a big platter with the yogurt sauce. It can really be a main course if your doing sit down also with those on the plate with under sauce of the yogurt and wedges of pita bread. They come together very quickly..spear a grape..then a meat ball.

But it really shines for a big platter of those for stand up 'meat' course...the grapes really make the dish..and the mint/yogurt sauce they rest on (I add a bit of cucumber to that sauce recipe tho).

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