Is using a Teflon fry pan that has some ware spots harmful health wise. I don't know if ingesting a little Teflon

coating has health consequences.

Elaine Ruth


Elaine R. August 4, 2012
Thank you all. I like the pan and will keep it. It is l large, heavy, and cooks beautifully. As it is costly to replace with the same quality I will keep it. If The Teflon is inert, I think too it is safe enough used in this way.
chef O. August 2, 2012
If it still works ( is non stick) then its fine to use.

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ChefOno August 1, 2012

Well I am a scientist and I hope you'll pardon my bluntness.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (aka PTFE, aka Teflon) is a extraordinary material with one of the lowest coefficients of friction known to man. It is chemically inert, meaning it absolutely does not react with *anything* at normal temperatures. Additionally, it is pure, meaning there are no stabilizers, lubricants or plasticizers that would contaminate food. The only danger is from overheating, in excess of 260C (500F), as the smoke produced can be toxic. That is most likely the "danger" you may be thinking about.

Of related interest, numerous medical devices take advantage of PTFE's special qualities. Because it is inert, the body won't reject it so it's perfect for things like synthetic blood vessels, insulating medical wire, coating forceps, blades and catheters.

The bottom line is the only danger here is from eggs sticking to the worn spots.

pierino August 1, 2012
You go ChefOno! That said I still hate seeing those fork skid marks in the bottom of a teflon pan left by someone who is too lazy to cook eggs properly.
Droplet August 1, 2012
Did you mean "bare" spots? If there are actual spots where the coating is missing, I will definately part with that pan . If there are few worn scratches here and there, it would probably be ok for occasional use until you are able to replace it. That being said, my grandmother got a Teflon set for her birthday many years ago and I remember she had a really hard time parting with those metal scouring pads. She would use them on the teflon despite our desparate tries to convince her not to. There is one of those pots still in her house (alternative use) that I recently saw and 90 % of the teflon is gone...Grandma is fine, but wiser authorities unanimously agree that broken Teflon is indeed harmful.
Diana B. August 1, 2012
I think it would be safer to replace your pan.
healthierkitchen August 1, 2012
I am no scientist, but I have heard that we don't want to ingest those chemicals. I have been phasing out mine entirely, but even before that, I've replaced any where the coating is scraped.
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