How do I keep my fried egg from not sticking in my all clad frying pan?

using my skillet



Judi May 3, 2020
Cooked bacon left a grit so eggs stuck. What to do?
auntiediva December 28, 2011
I usually give my All Clad pan a swipe of olive oil when cooking my eggs, but when I want to be really decadent I cook then in bacon fat. Not the most healthy way to cook anything, but nothing tastes better than an egg fried in bacon fat til the edges are brown and crispy.
jelly December 26, 2011
A little butter in the scanpan will give the fried eggs a golden color
PFP December 26, 2011
I vote with Susan g -- for eggs, whether fried or scrambled, use a well seasoned cast iron pan. They really give the best results. I love All Clad and back when I was teaching cooking recommended it to my students as the best all around cookware. But there is no one pan that fits all cooking needs. I agree with Jelly that the titanium and ceramic pans are preferable to teflon for non stick pans, but even so, I prefer cast iron for eggs. With a well seasoned pan you need use only a very little fat and gently cook scrambled eggs for a tender and creamy result and absolutely no sticking or ramp up the heat --- and again, not very much fat or oil -- and get fried eggs which have a crispy bottom and edge and yet a tender top and runny yolk. Save the All Clad for what it is best at -- sauteing.
Karenmwaters December 26, 2011
so informative--but I wonder do the eggs get browned with a Scanpan? I agree, I do not use those non stick teflon coated pans.

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jelly December 26, 2011
Tons of fat...or...use a non-stick pan for eggs and pancakes. Stainless pans are made for getting real hot and making things "stick", searing , or deglazing and making a great pan sauce. Although I would not recommend an all-clad non stick as they have the teflon coating that will eventually chip and peel and are not recommended for high heat. There are some "green" pans out there now that are made of a ceramic and titanium and are non-stick, but are not coated with the non stick. The metal and ceramic combo is non stick, easy to clean, you don't have to use a fat to cook, unless you like fat (yum), and you can use metal utensils in it without scratching, yes metal utensils. I have two of them that I stickily use for eggs and pancakes and they are great. The brand I have is "Scanpan". They have actually been around since the 60's. There are a few more brands on the market now, but I can't speak of them.
garlic&lemon December 26, 2011
When I first got my all-clad saute pan, I had to get used to using a slightly lower temperature than I had been used to. They conduct heat so well that the slightly lower heat gets the job done in the same time as higher heat with my Calphalon pans.
SKK December 26, 2011
Wholly agree with garlic&lemon. I cook at a lower heat, medium low on my electric stove. (Sigh-Santa did not bring gas lines to my neighborhood for Christmas.) Also, I read somewhere that cooking eggs at a lower heat means they don't absorb as much oil, and I have adopted this interpretation as the truth!

Love my All-Clad!
Karenmwaters December 26, 2011
thank you--very helpful!
Karenmwaters December 26, 2011
thank you--very helpful!
susan G. December 26, 2011
Too hot or not hot enough can make things stick. Sometimes it's best to use black cast iron, which is a natural no-stick when it is used and loved.
nutcakes December 26, 2011
My eggs don't stick in my cast iron, but I do use butter too. I prefer nonstick for eggs.
Merrill S. December 26, 2011
Assuming this it's a regular stainless steel skillet (i.e. not non-stick), you could try frying the eggs in olive oil -- a technique we love here at FOOD52 (makes the whites nice and crispy): Whatever you do, you'll need to make sure you use plenty of fat (butter, oil) so the white doesn't stick to the pan.
Karenmwaters December 26, 2011
Thank you, and yes, it not a non stick. I was using ghee, which must be the problem.
linzarella December 26, 2011
I use ghee to fry my eggs all the time, and have done it in every kind of pan, so I don't think that's your problem.
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