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Any recommendations on Bell & Evans vs. Murray's poultry?

  • Posted by: brynnie
  • August 2, 2012


usuba D. August 3, 2012
Please don't confuse Organic with Natural . . . they are not the same. Bell & Evans has some natural chicken and some organic. I have not seen Murry's that is labeled organic on the market. As far as I know they are only Natural. Natural chicken will have been fed a diet of non-organic grains, nothing wrong with that, except those grains may have been grown using pesticides. Organic is grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Both Murray's and Bell & Evans are third party verified for humane raising, so you know whether you by natural or organic, they have been raised humanely. As for quality, they are equal. Both companies, whether organic or natural will have never administered any antibiotics or growth promotants and will have never used any animal by-products in the feed.
mainecook61 August 3, 2012
The new Cooks Illustrated (Sept.) has a piece comparing commercial poultry brands, including whether antibiotics are used, what sort of feed the chickens are fed, how they're cooled after slaughter, etc.
Amanda H. August 2, 2012
Haven't noticed a huge difference.
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