Best diet salad dressing recipe



nutcakes August 7, 2012
OH yey! I'm am 99% sure it is the 2nd link with the black bean taco salad. This is a nutritious and so tantalizing. Only a small amount of olive oil to give it body and flavor to make it satisfying. Thanks so much for finding this Tomato Lime vinaigrette--an old fav. I've also used it on plain greens as well as rice and corn salad.
Juster August 6, 2012
Nutcakes, is it one of these?
ATG117 August 4, 2012
I sometimes like a greek yogurt base with herbs, lemon juice, and garlic. You can do something with tahini in place of the oil--not totally non-fat, but less fat. Otherwise I just reduce the oil. But really, most of the time I'll use a regular dressing or vinaigrette and just add very little.
nutcakes August 4, 2012
I'm afraid it might be gone forever. It had tomato and lime juice with just a light touch of olive oil and seasonings. You might google around for something similar and just reduce the oil or add water. I've read many lighter salad dressings that just use water for some of the oil. You might try that where you can use a lower acid vinegar, such as rice vinegar or meyer lemon juice, where you can use a larger proportion of acid to oil and that will naturally cut the calories. But then experiment and add a few Tbsp of water to a portion and check the flavor, you will need to reseason. I really think that salad dressing should be palatable and include a bit of oil, but I can do with plain lemon juice if I salt and pepper the salad.

Another direction to explor is using buttermilk for a base and adding garlic and herbs and even a bit of Parmesan cheese to give you some umami. That is really good.
nutcakes August 4, 2012
I used to make a tomato lime one in the blender from Cooking Light magazine. It was super delicious. I'll see if I can find it online since I have lost my copy.
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