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We make a lot of cocktails around here, so I have several simple syrups in the fridge such as honey, ginger, plain sugar, etc. Since we have been a a margarita kick this summer, we have not used them. Some syrups are past one month in age. Can I still use them? Most sources say to store for 1 month, but since it's just sugar & water, is the one month timeframe a quality thing or a safety thing? They smell fine and I hate to discard.

Stephanie G


Benny August 18, 2012
I personally wouldn't store any simple syrup infused with additional falvorings (such as honey or ginger) for more than a couple days. I would think that adding them decreasse the shelf life as soon as they are incorporated. Plain ol' simple syrup should last much longer on its own, and additional flavors can be added to your drinks when you want to make them.
Stephanie G. August 18, 2012
I checked them last week & they seemed fine but today when I went to make a drink the simple syrup had mold in it. I tossed them all & made an old fashioned instead of a whiskey sour!
chef O. August 18, 2012
I would respectfully disagree with chefono I would not keep any simple syrup for years and then use it wether it had visible mold or not. A few months should be fine but why push your luck with something so easy to make and really not that expensive.

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ChefOno August 18, 2012

This issue, in slightly different guise, came up earlier today. Discussion here:

Time per se isn't a factor; the enemy is mold which should be obvious visually if present. Absent contamination, simple syrup can go for years without an issue.

For what it's worth, once you add something other than sugar, it's no longer a simple syrup.

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