Freeze only

Can tomato conserva be canned in hot water bath or pressure canner instead of freezing? This would be a good way to use up the "stragglers" on my tomato plants.

Phyllis Heil


SKK September 7, 2012
Marisa just answered another this question :
If you planned on pressure canning the conserva, it would be a different storage procedure all together from the one detailed here. You would pack the conserva into small jars, leave 3/4 inch headspace, skip the oil and follow the instructions given on the National Center for Home Food Preservation's website on pressure canning tomato sauce. You'd use the time for pint jars, even if the actual jars are smaller.
SKK September 7, 2012
I would not can it - freezing it has such better flavor.
Lindsay-Jean H. September 7, 2012
FYI for anyone else curious, Marisa answered Phyllis in the comments of the article ( and said, "You could probably pressure can it, though I'm not certain how much time it would need. It doesn't have enough acid to be safe for boiling water bath canning."
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