Fruit burned in Le Cruset!

HELP!I started diced peaches for jam in my one and only Le Creuset Dutch Oven (stupid of me, I know!) and it got burned! Now about half of the bottom of it is badly scorched! Is there ANY chance to save my dearest Le Creuset? I tried putting baking powder on the spot for an hour but it didn't help. Any suggestions? Please!!!

  • Posted by: safrus
  • October 1, 2012


nancy E. February 16, 2014
First thing I try on a scorched pot is the plastic tab from a bread bag. Use the flat side to scrape the pot. You will be amazed at how this simple thing works. Peels up the burn.
Carolyn S. February 15, 2014
You have really saved the day!!! I tried the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and as it boiled the black burned spaghetti sauce lifted. I am so Happy!!! Thank you so much!
Sam1148 February 15, 2014
I'm glad it helped, I always try first with overnight soak in water/and a type of soap.
But the only thing that works 100 percent of the time is the Hydrogen Peroxide tech.
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i burnt mine once. My hub would do anything to not replace that very expensive pot. So, we tried all of the above, soaked and soaked in boiling water, with bar keepers scrubbed and scrubbed. After several rounds of soaking and all he finally got all the burnt black off and we're still using the pan. They're too expensive to replace, close to 300 now!
sexyLAMBCHOPx October 2, 2012
JustSomeCook October 2, 2012
Fill the pot with water and simmer for half an hour or so. Then, with the hot water still in, gentily rub the bottom of the pot with a wooden spoon. Rinse, wash and repeat until the carbon is gone.
Sam1148 October 1, 2012
Dang it...I really want a edit button..but I want to be clear..the tech only should be used to remove crusty bits..not cosmetic stains, but big high carbon crusts that just won't give up...the stuff you can feel, like a bump..or big disaster stuff that's "OMG" there's a layer of burned carbon in the pan that just won't submit to soaking that's bonded to the pot/pan.

Sam1148 October 1, 2012
I'm a little cautious about using this really great tech to removed burned on sugar on a enamel on cast I don't let it go more than 10 mins and watch it.

But I've used it on mine with no problems. This only works for high carbon crust that really stuck on--like burned sugars. It will not bleach or remove any stains (those are love stains: IMHO). If you go slow.

Fill the pot with 1/4--1/2 inch of hydrogen peroxide, and 1 tsp of baking soda. Enough to cover the carbon bits. Slowly heat will bubble and catalytic reaction of heat/soda will start to bind with the burned sugars/carbon. This will open a window but the vapor is harmless, but really stinky.

The best thing with this tech is that there is mechanical scrubbing...the carbon layer should lift off in about 10 mins..and repeat again if needed and lightly scrub with a 3M type 'green scrub thingy"...

I've done many times on Stainless steel..and few time on the Le Creuset with no problem. (my LC is 20 years old and battle scarred. still has stains on the bottom interior, but that's from actually using it: Note I did let it soak in that overnight one time and it did kinda bleach the grundgey bottom of the interior but not the sides where it didn't touch--a 10 min simmer should lift off the carbon if you're in panic mode and not worried about Aesthetics..the pot is still fully functional).

Sam1148 October 1, 2012
I should have said there is "Minimal" mechanical scrubbing...with the hydrogen peroxide tech. That stuff LOVES sugar carbons. Use a wooden spoon scrap it up as it loosens in the H2O2.

Greenstuff October 1, 2012
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Amanda H. October 1, 2012
Do you have Barkeepers Friend? People swear by it for Le Creuset:
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