Le Creuset skillet seasoning

Despite the many threads about cast iron seasoning, it seems my issue requires a new one. My Le Creuset skillet is enameled on the outside, but not on the inside. I've had it about 10 years, but the last couple of years the seasoning acts stripped on the inside. So I tried seasoning it like I do my other (non-enameled, not Le Creuset) pans: a 500F, 30min bake after rubbing with flax oil. After a single treatment, there's a little more seasoning on the inside of the pan, but it has strange markings in the oil all over it and looks awful! The enamel also changed color slightly, which really worried me. I did a very thin layer of oil, just the way I do my other pans, so I know it wasn't just too much oil. I did my other cast iron at the same time and they came out looking fine. What's different about Le Creuset? Can I fix this or did I just ruin the look (if not the function) of my prize pan? If I can't season it like this, then how do I fix its surface?



beyondcelery December 10, 2014
I couldn't find an answer on their site, which is why I posted here. I'll try calling them. Thanks!
Susan W. December 9, 2014
Definitely get the advice of the company. Have you looked on their website?
Pegeen December 9, 2014
I would make an effort - persevere with the phone menus and hold times - to talk to someone at Le Creuset.
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