pickled bean?

made pickled green bean 2 weeks ago.i sterelize my jar and wash the bean but dint do the hot water bath a i put my brine piping hot in the jar.couple jar have a couple bean sticking out of the brine.the jar have seal perfectly.i use 60/40 vinegar .
is it safe to eat the bean sticking out of the liquid?
thank you

  • Posted by: tommyv
  • October 4, 2012


SeaJambon October 4, 2012
Probably, but since you will want 100% in this case, you need to err on the side of caution: so, the real answer is no. Next time water bath per the tested recipe. If you had used a tested recipe and done the water bath, you could have confidence that the entire shebang was good (and, in that case, anything that sticks up above the liquid level may discolor but it is still good). Sorry. Wish I had better news. While it is a distant possibility that botulism might be present, the possibility has not been eliminated. Good for you for asking the question and being concerned. Trust the instincts that caused you to ask the question.
em-i-lis October 4, 2012
you are absolutely right, seajambon. i misread the original note and believed the writer HAD done the waterbath. thanks for writing in your answer!!!
em-i-lis October 4, 2012
i think yes!
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