How to reheat refrigerated but homemade quiche ?

  • Posted by: Julie35
  • October 10, 2012


Princess M. March 6, 2014
Excellent answer! Microwave ANYTHING makes me sad!
Reiney October 10, 2012
Microwave quiche makes me sad - the pastry's the best part! I'd pop it in a 325-350F oven, uncovered, for 15-20 minutes on either a baking sheet (if you have perforated all the better) or pizza stone.

Sam1148 October 10, 2012
To go back to the pizza thing. When I'm really lazy..and really cheap. I will lower myself to get a 5 dollar ready made "Little Ceaser" pizza. And put extra cheese, herbs, and some onions..etc. on it.
Then slide it off on a very hot stone to crust up the substandard soggy crust, or a couple of slices on a stove-top heated cast iron pan and then broil in the oven to cook the extra vegies...and that actually makes it (somewhat) edible. A little transformation is good for crappy pizza.
Sam1148 October 10, 2012
Quickly? The problem with microwave is that will sogg up the crust. (and honestly that's what I use for myself--I don't mind room temp quiche). I'd do this if you want a dry crust. Microwave a bit on plate--just to warm through. Then transfer to a cast iron pan heated on the stove on low/med (to avoid burning the crust). And then put in a 375 oven for 5 mins--uncovered. That should drive off some moisture in the crust--but be gentle so you don't burn the bottom.

The stove top pan method and oven heat/broil is also a great way to recrisp a stored pizza..or a soggy bottom delivery pizza.
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