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making quiche for 150. can they be baked ahead, cooled and then frozen and reheated without losing quality?

all homemade--no ready made crust. Will they be soggy if frozen after baking?

asked by Peggy Haines 4 months ago
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added 4 months ago

You cannot make reheat frozen precooked quiche without some loss of quality, particularly the crust as you fear.

You don't mention if it's a football tailgate, a paid function or a wedding so there is zero context into your audience.

Make one quiche, freeze, thaw, and reheat and verify yourself if the end product is something you will want to serve for those 150. After all, your name is going to be on it, you're the one who should decide if it's acceptable for *YOUR* standards.

If you do not find the trial run to be acceptable, find something else for the group.

Good luck.