Forgot the salt

Lemon loaf cake is baking and I just realized I forgot the salt. How bad is this?

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Food O. October 21, 2012
Good news. The cake was a hit. Guess salt isn't necessary in this recipe. Thanks for all your help!!

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sdebrango October 20, 2012
You could glaze it, a lemon glaze using lemon juice, 10x sugar and a pinch of salt, poke a few holes in the loaf pour the glaze on it and it will soak into the cake, the lack of salt may not be as noticeable with a glaze.
Food O. October 20, 2012
I like your attitude. Cake is just cooling now. Think I will give a taste to my husband and see if he notices anything.
Linn October 20, 2012
I did that recently with a batch of oatmeal cookies. They taste better with salt. But what can you do. Just call it an original creation and enjoy!
Reiney October 20, 2012
Hmmm. Not much you can do about it now - just taste it and see :) I once forgot the salt in my pastry crust and it was really noticeable. Perhaps with a lemon cake it won't be as much.
pierino October 20, 2012
The thing about salt: if you put too much in you can't take it out; if you forget to put it in you can't fix it with a salt shaker.
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