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Is it possible to create an 'edit' button for the Hotline? I do most of my responding from an iPad and continually find typos in my questions and answers after I post them--despite re-reading the messages before I hit the post button. I would love to be able to return to the note and edit my mistakes!

  • Posted by: Maedl
  • October 23, 2012


LeBec F. January 16, 2014
The Edit option for Hotline answers- requested by many a year ago and i know we're all still wanting it!! PLEASE!

Also, i think it would save alot of trouble for well meaning 52ers
if there were an option for a question poser to click "This question has been answered' when they don't need any further input. As in a question that asks- what does this mean in this recipe? or where are the directions for these ingredients in this recipe? or can i use this as a substitute for that? If there were such a flag, those questions could be skipped over in favor of those that need answers.

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Maedl October 23, 2012
The indentation feature would be useful, too. Anything to encourage clarity! I will hope the edit button for responses comes soon, because no matter how much I proof a draft, the typos sneak in and haunt me.
Droplet October 23, 2012
It happens to me too, Maedl...By the way the Edit option does currently exist for the contents of the questions you post, as long as you are signed in, just not for the answers.
Also, previously the visual arrangement format of Hotline was such that posts made in Reply to previous posts were slightly indented. That made for a more logically clear reading of a thread, whereas now all answers are aligned on the same margin and if you haven't followed a question from the beginning, it can be confusing at times.
Merrill S. October 23, 2012
A few others have asked about this too. It's on our radar!
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