If I were to make this ahead of time, what would you suggest? Cook it all the way through in the oven, and then just reheat later? I'm worried abo...

...ut the chicken drying out. thanks

Alison Schramm
Hunter's-Style Chicken
Recipe question for: Hunter's-Style Chicken


ChefJune October 26, 2012
This is the American name for Chicken Cacciatore. My mom made it often when I was small, and I make it often now. It's even better the next day. Don't worry about the chicken drying out. I don't ever remember it doing that. Nozlee's suggestion for how to reheat it is spot on.
Nozlee S. October 26, 2012
You can absolutely cook it all the way through and then reheat it later! Actually, the flavors will have had time to meld and deepen -- it'll be even better.

Reheat the stew covered in a very low oven -- think 250 or 300 -- until heated through, and you shouldn't have issues with it drying out.
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