Worried about you guys...How is Sandy treating you?

Is everything OK?



luvcookbooks November 4, 2012
We were lucky to only lose power for 2 days and no property. Even so, it's stunning to think that the Red Cross is here for disaster relief. A friend and her husband and two young children, formerly of Hoboken, are now crashing in Philadlelphia with her parents and a family of five who lived upstairs from her in Hoboken. Also a dog. A nice family who own an Asian food store that I shop in regularly are living in Yonkers without power and with a four month old baby. There are an estimated 40 thousand people homeless in the wake of the storm.
Thank you for asking!
QueenSashy November 2, 2012
Still no power and crashing with friends. But we have wonderful dinners together. Sometimes you need a hurricane to remind you what really matters.
creamtea November 1, 2012
thank you, Mensaque. We survived just fine on the 17th floor, though there were downed trees and heavy branches in our neighborhood due to dangerously high winds. We were lucky, being uptown. Others were not so fortunate-in my husband's office, two of his colleague's employees lost their homes.
Linn October 31, 2012
Thanks for your concern. It's the real thing and the Susan's observation is right on. Not a happy time for many people here in lower Manhattan, Jersey Shore, and the south shore of Long Island. Me and mine are blessed with power and clean water, but so many out there have been devastated.
susan G. October 30, 2012
Mensaque, I think the people with stories to tell don't have power -- or homes -- now. I live in the path of the storm, but here it was just heavy rain and strong wind. We got more rain tonight, but we were fortunate to avoid harm. We have relatives in parts of New Jersey where there was a lot of damage.
jmburns October 30, 2012
Sandy beats me with a wooden spoon
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