Stale homemade rice krispie treats?

So I made a brown butter rice krispie treats yesterday. (That's my idea of hurricane preparedness!) It's a Smitten Kitchen recipe, and I actually made the marshmallow fluff for them. They're beer mallows. In the bowl, everything tasted delightful. Crispy, gooey, brown buttery. But once I pressed them into the pan, the texture turned stale. The cereal definitely wasn't stale. Any idea what causes that?

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Emily Hanhan


Riia F. June 2, 2019
Same thing happened with me. Its probably because i covered the krispies and it was really hot...not allowing it to dry quickly enough...or i put it on aluminum foil
Emily H. August 28, 2011
Interesting, I hadn't thought about that. The recipe was for marshmallows that set up nicely, so I figured using the marshmallows that were un-set would be fine. I'll have to give it a go with homemade mallows that set up and get remelted. It was crazy that it went from un-stale tasting in the bowl to totally stale in the pan!
sdebrango August 28, 2011
Maybe it has to do with the homemade marshmallow fluff, it's different than using pre-made marshmallows. If the cereal isn't stale it could have t do with the humidity but it could also be the fluff.
Esther P. August 28, 2011
You say you made your own marshmallow fluff for the recipe, but the recipe calls for straightforward marshmallows.... Could it be that using your own fluff might have added more moisture to the recipe than plain mallows would have done? I've had a similar problem with a different recipe, and I think it was down to not getting the wet mix to coat the krispies but set very quickly so there's very little time for the moisture to soak in. Only speculations based on my own similar disappointments!
Merrill S. August 28, 2011
I don't have any thoughts other than the humidity either!
Sam1148 August 28, 2011
I'm guessing the humidly could have been a factor.
Emily H. August 28, 2011
The texture is odd - they're chewy and almost styrofoam-y. The cereal isn't crisp and crunchy like it normally stays in treats. It tastes like I used cereal from a box opened a year ago, not from a box I opened literally right before I poured them into the marshmallow and butter.
Merrill S. August 28, 2011
Sounds delicious! When you say the texture turned stale, do you mean they got brittle in the pan?
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