What's the best chili recipe?



bigpan November 12, 2012
Sorry to take so long, "my" recipe was on an older computer and I had to search it...
6 lbs beef, diced exactly ¼”, no fat, no gristle (tri tip is good, sirloin with thin fat that can render out is also acceptable)
8 oz. beef broth – from a red and white tin can
8 oz. tomato sauce (no paste) also from a tin
12 cloves garlic – halved and wrapped in a cheesecloth bag
13 oz. onion – freshly diced very very fine (or shred on a box shredder)
6 Tbspn. chili powder – Gerhardt’s competition brand
3 Tbspn. cumin powder, or freshly ground seeds
1 Tbspn. cayenne
½ Tbspn. brown sugar
½ Tbspn. salt (kosher is best)
3 – 4 jalapeno peppers – scored but not cut through
2 Tbspn. lard – (not butter or oil)
- brown the meat in an official chili pot (cast iron or copper), drain fat while cooking, reserve the meat in some other container – keep out of the sun if people are watching you.
- pour a shot of tequila for your partner and your self.
- sauté onion and garlic in the lard, covered, until done (onion will be transparent), remove the garlic and toss away, or into another competitors pot when they are not looking.
- add the meat back to the pot and stir into the onions; add the tomato sauce, broth and enough water to cover – bring to a boil, then to simmer, stirring occasionally for 20 minutes
- pour a shot of tequila for your partner and a couple for yourself
- add half the spices, stir in, stand back and smile, toss in the jalapenos with a flourish.
- add water as needed to keep covered, make sure not to boil – just simmer, covered.
- continue to simmer for 2 to 3 hours.
- remove the jalapeno peppers and toss away (or eat).
- have a shot or two of tequila – no need for the glasses, use the bottle
- add remainder of spices, stir in gently and look like you know what you are doing.
- add water to keep chili moist but not soupy
You will note this is a Chili recipe (I have used for competitions) and does NOT have beans. True chili is meat only with the spices. Good luck, this recipe placed 11th in a field of 80 one year.
JenPesci November 11, 2012
I like Tyler Florence's ancho beef recipe. You start with the whole shoulder and cook it down
bigpan November 10, 2012
Mine !
jmburns November 11, 2012
I beg to differ mine is.

There is no such thing as a best chili recipe. I have cooked chili competitively and with exception of a beef only no beans rules they are all over the place in flavor.

Judy find one you like as a base and modify it to your needs just please do not put quinoa in it.
Kenzi W. November 10, 2012
That's a tough question! It all comes down to preference, of course, but here's a good place to start for inspiration: http://food52.com/recipes/search?q=chili&cat=stews
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