do u have a simple vegetable soup recipe?

  • Posted by: @1976owl
  • November 13, 2012


Summer O. November 14, 2012
Rose Elliot has a really great one in an older edition of her New Vegetarian Cooking. This she had on her website. The cookbook version uses canned tomatoes as the base and a larger variety of vegetables, but it is simple.
ATG117 November 14, 2012
I love this recipe--which is more like a method--and I've executed it with all sorts of vegetables like roasted red pepper and zucchinis
la D. November 13, 2012
My recipe for Ribollita is a simple version of Tuscan vegetable soup thickened with bread and flavored with tomato, kale, potato, and beans. It's hearty and warming on a chilly day.
Kristen M. November 13, 2012
Here are two of our favorites -- both very simple:
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