Kitchen scissors

I bought a pair of kitchen scissors. I'm using them for cutting poultry and shellfish. Does anyone have any tips on taking care of them or cleaning them?



Scottielew November 17, 2012
Thank you for your help!
ChefOno November 17, 2012

Too late now I guess but I think the best kitchen shears are made from stainless steel and designed to come apart into two pieces for easy cleaning. I keep two pair so after prepping a bird, one can go immediately into the dishwasher along with the prep board.

If yours aren't dishwasher safe, they can be sanitized with the same solution you use to wipe down your counter after handling poultry (1 Tbs. of 6% bleach per quart of water).

Omeletta November 17, 2012
I wash mine in hot soapy water the same way i do my knives, but when drying them i let them air dry while fully open- this decreases any chances of rust that might appear near the connecting screw between the shears.
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