London and Paris Restaurant Recommendations Needed

The Friend and I have been living in the Middle East and/or West Africa for too long. We're in need of seriously good sushi and Asian food over our holiday break in Paris and London. Suggestions badly needed.

  • Posted by: Melusine
  • November 23, 2012


Melusine December 2, 2012
Seriously yum! Thank you all for the suggestions -- and I'm making reservations for Dinings right now!
anissa December 1, 2012
i think you will like Dinings in London. great Japanese food with a modern twist. as for paris, you can try shang palace in the shangri-la hotel. david lebovitz blogged it not so long ago and it sounded delicious :) here is a picture of one of the appetisers at Dinings.
Diana B. November 23, 2012
Not Asian, but I never miss eating at Laduree - it's more than just macarons (not that I sneer at those, mind you...); I like the one at 16, rue Royale, but there are three other locations in Paris.
lloreen November 23, 2012
In Paris, there are good Vietnamese restaurants around Metro Belleville. Not fine dining - just walk in and no need to dress up. They are usually packed so you will be rushed in and out in under a hour. A great place if you are on a budget and just want a really good bowl of pho is Dong Huong, rue Louis Bonnet (metro Belleville)
the Chinese district in Paris is the 13th and the Japanese restaurants are all around the Metro Opera. You can get good specific recommendations for those areas on Chowhound's Paris board.
If you are interested in French fusion I highly recommend le Chateaubriand on Ave parmentier. There is one menu per day and the chef often uses interesting Asian ingredients. Reservations absolutely required for the first seating at 8 (call a few weeks in advance if you can) but they take walk ins for the 10:30 seating.
bigpan November 23, 2012
For a great tourist lunch, have a "
Potato Jacket" at Covent Garden while listening to the opera buskers or watching a juggler.
bigpan November 23, 2012
One of our best meals in Paris was at the restaurant in the Lancaster Hotel a couple blocks from the Arch and half a block from the Champs.
Michelin one star.
Only seats about 24, so call for a reservation.

Do NOT eat at any tourist restaurant along the Champs.

We also had a surprisingly good lunch on the a seine river cruise (2hrs) starting near the Eiffel.
Jenny M. November 23, 2012
There is a droughstore (selling Piere Hermes macarrons) at the triumf arc in Paris whit good take away sushi
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