need replacement for soy

I am allergic to soy and gluten so need interesting ideas for new sauces for asian food and stir fry. HELP

Mickie Holden


Kristen W. March 5, 2016
Thai curry pastes don't have soy and can be used in lots of applications.
Garlic F. March 4, 2016
I just want to throw it out there that not all Asian dishes have sauces and not all Asian dishes use soy sauce. Sauces and soy sauce are not used often in the region where I grew up. Growing up all our stir fries were very "clean"--just a dash of salt and the natural juices from the veg make up the "sauce." My mom uses homemade stock for added flavor sometimes. Rice wine is used for flavor as well. Aromatics & spices such as ginger, garlic, green onions, and chile peppers, star anise, white pepper etc., can be used as flavoring. Adding a mixture of different types of veg & meat in the same dish is also nice, not only flavor-wise, but also enhances texture and color.
KarenO March 4, 2016
Tamari is gluten free. I use it instead of soy sauce.
Susan W. March 4, 2016
It is not always gluten free unless it says that on the label. Typically it contains less wheat. It is made from soy beans.
Susan W. March 4, 2016
Braggs liquid Caminos contain soy. When I was very strict Paleo, I used coconut aminos. They add a touch of umami, but contain zero soy or gluten. It's the closest I have ever found. If you go to a store that specializes in gluten free, you may find other items to add to your Asian recipes. Just be sure to read the labels for yourself.
KitchenCandy March 4, 2016
Braggs Liquid Aminos is the stuff of hippy college students' dreams. My room mate eventually graduated from incorporating it into dishes to cooking batches of rice just to douse in the stuff. Gluten-free and soy-free, it is packed with 13 different aminos, which will probably turn you into a super-human. While it is missing the distinctive depth that soy sauce adds, it's packed with salty umami goodness. In conjunction with classic asian spices, it should make a damn good substitute.
Mickie H. March 4, 2016
I have never been a great fan but think it would work so will give it a go.
Susan W. March 4, 2016
Braggs is NOT soy free. It's also full of chemicals.
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