Are pickles healthy

a Whole Foods Market Customer


Linn December 2, 2012
Most pickles are high in sodium, so for those of you on a medically restricted diet, it is best to avoid them. I have only made my own pickles once and the process I used was natural fermentation. The result was a pickle with much less sodium, so a lower sodium pickle is doable.
SMSF November 26, 2012
Not all pickles have a lot of salt. I've found that perishable (not shelf-stable) brands, especially local refrigerated brands, may actually contain very little salt. Check the label and choose accordingly.
viblanco November 24, 2012
With respect to dill pickles, typically the calorie count is very low. However, as Monita indicated, the salt content is not. In addition, look out for whether or not sugar is added.
Monita November 24, 2012
The pickling process is high in sodium so as a "vegetable" choice pickles may not be not ideal
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