suggestions for tiki party

any ideas for appetizers for a tiki themed NYE party?

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nutcakes December 15, 2012
I did a tiki party with

Coconut shrimp (#1 hit)
Grilled Chicken with an inspired sweet/sour sauce (#2 hit, everyone put the sauce on everything)
Honey/Soy grilled baby back ribs
Pineapple rice salad

You will have to let me know if you want any of the recipes and tell me for how many people, so I can scale it. The book is at my mom's house but I will be over there soon. Everything was surprisingly easy to make and it was a good menu. From a book called Parties for Less.
ChefOno December 15, 2012

Note that Tiki fare originated with San Franciscan Chinese, quite different from Hawaiian, either native or modern. Poke (POH-kay for you Facebookers and programmers) evolved completely separately from the Tiki craze. Spring rolls, dim sum, shrimp (especially the coconut variety) = Tiki; I don't recall ever seeing Spam on a Trader Vic's menu (no offense to Pierino's inspired concept).

bigpan December 14, 2012
Mai-tai's ! ! !
Dig deep and find some sugar cane sticks - ebay or amazon if you have to .
Dollar store little umbrellas to put in a piece of fresh ( NOT canned) pineapple to garnish.
In a pinch, serve dim sum as appetizers.
Buy some fresh tuna and chop into "poke", google to find a nice recipe but basically some cubed raw tuna with soy and ginger and onion and... Whatever
Wear a grass skirt! Of course.
Get dollar store grass hats for guests.
Download a bunch of Don Hoe music.
Gee - I wish I would be there !
inpatskitchen December 14, 2012
Spam and pineapple kabobs...very Hawaiian!!!
em-i-lis December 13, 2012
what about jezebel sauce? pineapple preserves + powdered mustard + apple jelly + horseradish, over cream cheese...
pierino December 13, 2012
This is definitely "Tiki" After several testings I decided it's better to use hard shell tacos when serving a crowd.
Sam1148 December 13, 2012
These are amazing:
ChefOno December 13, 2012

The iconic appetizer is Crab Rangoon (properly made with Dungeness crab -- and 'tis the season).

Sweet & Sour Ribs

Poisson Cru

Got a hibachi? Flaming Hibachi Beef Skewers.

Monita December 13, 2012
How about some shrimp and pineapple skewers (
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