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Hi! Im doing an anniversary party with 2 other co-hosts and the food is Italian themed. Its a favorite of the couple, who also happen to be lactose intolerant:) Pills can be popped to help with that, but Id like to not have cheese overload. Im thinking a good authentic bolognese sauce and spaghetti, a good salad and homemade crusty bread. Any other ideas are welcome including thoughts on make ahead appetizers and dessert or cake flavors (the couple doesnt like chocolate as a primary flavor).

Jennifer W


Miss_Karen July 15, 2019
I would make Budino. I use almond milk instead of the half & half or regular milk...Epicurious has a good lemon version but hazelnut is good too.
Nancy July 13, 2019
Ideas for thinking about or using:
1) Cheesecake. I know it's an American dessert. But Michael Noble of Diva at the Met (Vancouver) makes a great Stilton cheesecake with rhubarb compote. You could adapt it for you meal by using an Italian blue cheese. For the sauce, use rhubarb if available, or replace with berries.
2) block of aged Parmesan, served with a cheese plane and sweet wine. I was introduced to it with Vin Santo, but you could use Moscato d'Asti or another you like. Shave off a piece, pass the cheese plate round the table, and enjoy.
3) Italians often serve fresh fruit for dessert. Pick the best you see in the markets, small sizes, for people to eat out of hand or cut at table. If this seems to plain, serve some biscotti or savoiardi with the fruit,
Nancy July 13, 2019
Revision. There was a gap between my reading & answering your question.
Sorry, half forgot the lactose problem.
If you like the cheesecake idea, use a tofu or other non-dairy replacement for all the cream cheese and use only a few ounces of blue cheese for flavor.
Or dump both the cake and the Parmesan ideas.
Could also make a fancier fruit dessert - grilled fruits with a balsamic reduction or fruit compote with either red wine or liqueur.
Jennifer W. July 14, 2019
Haha its ok I still like the simplicity of your suggestions, and I have done a successful DF cheesecake before so that may a good idea. Thank you for your responses!
Stephanie G. July 13, 2019
Emiko, a user on this site, has amazing Italian recipes. Anything of hers is great!
Xiami L. July 13, 2019
Can't go wrong with Louisa's cake!
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