Leg of lamb for 8 people

I need to go buy a leg of lamb for our Christmas dinner, but I don't know how big one to get. It will be serving 8 people. Recipes I've seen have called for 4, 5, 6 and even 10 pounds for a bone in leg of lamb. The contest winner on Food52 called for a 5 pounder to serve 8 - is that a pretty good estimate?



bigpan December 17, 2012
Best to de-bone the leg. Consider to marinate in yogurt to break down the enzymes.
Deboning makes for easy slicing.
kimhw December 17, 2012
I always go up a bit. I like leftovers. Also some cuts have more bone than others. Talk to your butcher.
Monita December 17, 2012
5 pounder should be good for 8 people
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