Best way to use up a lemon after grating off zest? Don't want to just chuck it.



Maedl December 25, 2012
Home-made lemonade!
RobertaJ December 24, 2012
Ummmmm, keep *in the fridge* *for* a week....(where's that edit feature....?)
RobertaJ December 24, 2012
Wrap the zested lemon in plastic wrap, gather the edges together and twist them tightly. Toss into the fridge. It'll keep in the week for juice.
Melanie,Sodini December 23, 2012
You can roast asparagus at 400 for 15 minutes and squeeze the lemon on them.

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Pegeen December 23, 2012
Use lemon juice instead of vinegar for vinaigrette. If you have a lot of juice, freeze in an ice cube tray and save for other uses. You can freeze the zest too.
Stephanie B. December 23, 2012
You can juice it and use the juice anywhere you usually use lemon juice. Sometimes I just use the juice in my glass of water.
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