Dividing Dough

Does anyone have any tricks to dividing dough? Whenever I make bread and divide the dough "evenly" one always comes out larger than the other. I am interested in making the pita recipe which calls for dividing into 8 pieces and find this a daunting task.

Madame Sel


Hey M. January 24, 2013
Have you used a scale to weigh the portions? Weigh the entire ball of dough then divide the weight by the number of pieces you want to bake to see how much each piece should weigh. .
AntoniaJames January 23, 2013
I do what HalfPint does, but usually I make a nice ball, pulling the sides down to create surface tension. I weigh it in grams, and write down the total and calculate the size of the desired portions. Then I take my bench scraper, which is really sharp, and divide the ball in half, then into quarters, or thirds, etc. Using the scale, I then true up any pieces that are too large or small. I try to retain the surface tension on each portion by pulling the outer bits down around the sides of the new small pieces, to create new smaller balls of dough. ;o)
HalfPint January 23, 2013
Alternatively, on days when I'm feeling lazy, I would rolls the dough out into a cylinder (rope) and then with a dough scraper, cut the cylinder in half at the middle. Then I cut each piece at the middle and so forth until I get the number of pieces needed. It's surprisingly accurate, as long as the cylinder is uniformly shaped.
HalfPint January 23, 2013
I would use a scale. Yeah it takes longer, but it's more accurate. After a few times, you will can eye-ball it.
Monita January 23, 2013
I invested in a home scale - not very expensive. I weigh the dough to get it evenly divided
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