Phyllo dough

I'm making personal sized chicken pot pies and couldn't find / don't want to make pie dough so I bought phyllo. I have no idea how to use it. Can anyone tell me how many layers to put on and if I separate each one with butter or oil?



Nancy November 22, 2015
Or go for this Moroccan version, Chicken and Almond Bastilla, which is already designed to use phyllo/thin pastry.
inpatskitchen November 21, 2015
Here's another idea for your phyllo topping from Martha Stewart:
Susan W. November 21, 2015
Here is the recipe my daughter uses. If you have a filling you want to use, just use that, but this will tell you how to use the phyllo dough as a topping. You can't use it under the filling. It would become a soggy mess.
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