I melted honey over my gas range now the pilot-light doesn't click to light. Ideas on a honey cleaner? Soap isn't working.



pierino February 20, 2013
What you can also do is to try cleaning the holes in the burner pad with a toothpick or wooden skewer. DONT'T use metal for this job.
cratecooking February 20, 2013
Try hot, distilled white vinegar. We used that to clean EVERYTHING in culinary school.
bigpan February 19, 2013
Try taking a nail file to the tip of the igniter. Also turn the burner on with a BBQ lighter and let it burn for a while (maybe half an hour).
I doubt the problem is the igniter controller as that costs $366 to replace (mine was done a couple days ago)
If you have to replace the igniter it does not cost much and is like replacing a cars spark plug.
Another idea is to pack the area around the burner igniter with ziplock bags of ice. This will help solidify the honey so you can pick it off .
Keep trying to clean carefully.
And try melting honey in the microwave in the future ... ;-)
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