What can i use in place of sherry in a vegetarian mushroom gravy? I don't have any and don't want to buy a whole bottle for just one tablespoom. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  • Posted by: Lyla
  • November 23, 2010


Kitchen B. November 24, 2010
I used white wine!!!!!!!
Lyla November 24, 2010
Got it...i'll go buy some sherry! It's only thanksgiving once a year...i guess i can spring for it! Thanks for the answers.
amysarah November 23, 2010
I agree about buying the sherry if possible - it can be a modestly priced one for cooking purposes. Once you have it around, it might inspire you to explore other recipes that use it - for instance, it goes well in many mushroom dishes (like your gravy), e.g., a mushroom soup; it can also be used in many Chinese dishes; even in desserts, like an old-school trifle.

A word of caution though: DON'T buy 'cooking sherry' at the supermarket - awful chemical taste and loaded with salt, not the same thing at all.
campagnes November 23, 2010
(but I know you didn't ask for all that.. if you really don't want to buy a bottle, hope you find a good sub!) :)
campagnes November 23, 2010
My opinion: If you're gonna use sherry once for a recipe, there's a good chance you'll use it again, and it's better to have it than not. I know that doesn't really answer your question about substitution, but I'd really encourage you to just go ahead and buy a bottle. I used to sub other stuff for liquor/wines in recipes all the time, but when I finally broke down and bought the real thing, I was amazed at how it really MAKES whatever dish it's used in.
nutcakes November 23, 2010
Sherry adds a really special nutty flavor you can't duplicate. You could put Maderia for flavor. Vermouth is fine to give a little acid underpinning but won't add flavor.
hardlikearmour November 23, 2010
How about dry vermouth or brandy? Apple juice may work as well.
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