Hi! I need a traditional style vegetarian stuffing recipe for Tgiving. Hoping to use whole wheat bread and mushrooms. Recipes or tips?

  • Posted by: BglLvr
  • November 19, 2017


Wendy November 19, 2017
You can adapt almost any stuffing recipe to make it vegetarian. My family's favourite stuffing is mushroom, fennel and sage. However, I have never had any success with whole wheat bread. I would definitely use a sturdy french loaf and add nuts or seeds for added protein. My experience has taught me the following:
Thoroughly dry your bread and add it to your veg mixture when it has slightly cooled as the steam from the sautéed veg will make your bread soggy.
Do not add any additional liquid until stuffing mixture is entirely cool.
Always generously grease your pan with butter or oil before pouring stuffing into it. I like to use glass because you can see your stuffing browning (crisping.)
Never, never press the stuffing into the pan and always drizzle butter or oil over the top.
Oil the foil before you cover your stuffing and poke many steam holes in it. Plan to uncover it for the last 15 minutes and if not golden on the top, place under the broiler for a minute or two.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Suzanne D. November 19, 2017
Hi! Here's a recipe you might enjoy. There are also lots of great ideas in the comments about how people have substituted different ingredients and made it their own: https://food52.com/recipes/1452-what-we-call-stuffing-challah-mushroom-and-celery
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