3 course meal!

So I was assigned to cook dinner tonight, and I'm not the best at knowing what to make. Any simple recipes for a 3 course meal with the entrée being chicken breast?

Sabrina Q


lloreen March 4, 2013
Check out this article on "dressed up chicken breasts" http://food52.com/blog/3459-7-dressed-up-chicken-breasts?from_recipe=1
I would serve a vegetable soup as an first course - maybe this roasted carrot soup: http://food52.com/recipes/9743-roasted-carrot-soup
Throw some baby potatoes with a little olive oil, chopped rosemary, and sea salt in the oven while it is on.
A simple green salad would be nice on the side.
If you are doing dessert too, Lazy Mary's lemon tart is super fast and never lets me down. Buy a tart crust if you don't have time to make one.
Sam1148 March 3, 2013
1) Chicken breast. season with salt, paprkia and dust with flour, fry in pan. remove to warm oven. Make a sauce with white wine, capers, lemon juice. or just a lemon/wine sauce...remove pan from heat and add soft butter.
2) Salad.
3) a vegie dish or starch dish like baked potato, oven fries, or rice
You can boost up the chicken portion with some onions, peppers, mushroom in the pan. But finish with a touch of wine (or stock) and thicken it off heat with soft butter. So it doesn't break.
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