Electric coil stove-top issues

I guess I was spoiled before with my gas stove. I moved into a new apartment which has an electric stove, and I have a lot of problems cooking food evenly (omelettes, evenly spread oil in the pan) because the coils are tilted.

Anyone else have a stove like this and tips for how they were able to level the coils or compensate some how?

Jon W
  • Posted by: Jon W
  • March 6, 2013


petitbleu March 7, 2013
I hear you. We are currently cursed with an electric range and will be so until we can afford an upgrade. We recently had to replace the oven heating element and two of the stovetop coils, which felt like a total waste of money, as they're both still tilted. You can adjust the coils, but they always seem to work themselves back into a tilted position. You'll learn to work with it--we cook more than acceptable food on our range even with its shortcomings. But you'll miss your gas stove.
pierino March 7, 2013
Your real problem is not going to be the angle as much as the fact that electric coils cycle back and forth so it's impossible to keep a steady simmer on something. When I bought my new home I discovered it came with an electric range which was useless for anything but boiling water. I had to rip it out and replace it with gas.
ChefOno March 6, 2013

If we're talking about a range, you should be able to adjust the feet. On a cooktop, I don't know if you would be able to bend the elements as they likely rest on a solid support. You should, however, be able to prop up the low side by rolling up a piece of aluminum foil and wedging it under the burner assembly.

HalfPint March 6, 2013
Those coils are somewhat adjustable. Gently lift the end that is not plugged into the stovetop and see if you can shift it to and bend it the metal framing to make it level. Those coils can be pulled out of the stovetop socket and replaced rather easily. You might want to ask the landlord or apt manager if he/she can get this done. You are paying rent and the stovetop should work properly.
burnindowndahouse March 6, 2013
I grew up opposite of you. I now have a gas stove! The best you can do is keep constant watch on things like eggs and move around the pan as much as possible. Sorry to hear of the downgrade!
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