Baking powder in baked oatmeal?

Last time I followed a recipe for baked oatmeal you could taste the baking powder! Does it really need it? Can I do without it?



Diana B. March 12, 2013
Better link for those who couldn't access the one posted:
SeaJambon March 12, 2013
Oh, and to answer your question -- doesn't look like there is any leavening going on, so I'd try it without the baking powder. I'll bet you'll have a fine result.
SeaJambon March 12, 2013
I had to cut and paste to get the link to work, and even then had to search the site for "oatmeal" but I found it. A totally new thing for me too -- it appears to be a massive flour-less oatmeal cookie! Of course it would be tasty!
Shuna L. March 12, 2013
this link is broken I am sorry to report. I, too, am unfamiliar with baked oatmeal. But you could try making your own baking powder: Not all baking powders are created equal, and *many* of them have an awful taste indeed!
cookbookchick March 12, 2013
Burnin's link worked perfectly for me. Try it again!
boulangere March 12, 2013
Can you give us a link to the recipe? I'm honestly not familiar with baked oatmeal, but still can't imagine why it would call for baking powder.
burnindowndahouse March 12, 2013
A lot of the recipes for some reason call for it. It's great to make for my prayer group tho,
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