Why a white film on chocolate coating?

When I make cookies and dip them in chocolate, as they harden, they begin to turn white (cannot think of the term for this). How can I prevent this from happening? I do temper the chocolate.

Lynne Rothenberg


Stephanie B. March 17, 2013
It does sound as if your chocolate is developing bloom. An easy way to check if your chocolate is still in temper when you reheat is to dip in the tip of spatula or butter knife, tap off the excess, and let it stand for three minutes. If the chocolate sets, it is in temper. If it is still soft, the chocolate is not tempered and will need to be cooled again.
Monita March 16, 2013
The white film is called "blooming." Perhaps your chocolate wasn't at the right temperature when tempering. Here's a good article on tempering just to check -http://www.marthastewart.com/347060/tempered-chocolate
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