What is the healthiest food, fruit, and vegtable

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susan G. March 18, 2013
My guideline is moderation, variety and quality. Don't cheat yourself!
Pegeen March 18, 2013
It depends on what your body needs, if you're trying to re-balance a medical condition. Are you asking regarding a specific health issue? Or just in general?
Sam1148 March 18, 2013
That should be "Don't Deprive it"....oh website where is the edit button.
Sam1148 March 18, 2013
It's all balanced. Mother's milk is healthy for a infant.
Teenagers can pretty much be goats and eat everything and be healthy.
In every age, throughout history...you'll find monoculture diets about 'healthy'. In this age you'll find Paelo, low carb, raw foodists...each with the 'answer' for what foods you should eat.
In the past; all those diets have failed. Eat, Enjoy, and pay attention your body and deprive it of varieties of food for the sake of treating food as medicine. Small portions, more flavorful portions and moderation is the balance.

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ChefOno March 18, 2013

Consumed in moderation and as part of a balanced diet, all foods are healthful. Foods aren't generally healthy, certainly not after we eat them.

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