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What are Candied fruits? Where do I get them?

I started baking only 2 yrs ago and find many cake recipes that ask for candied fruits. I searched for in shops like Whole Foods, safeway etc but I did not find anything which calls itself that. Where do I find it? Is it different from canned fruits?

asked by DhiviK almost 6 years ago
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added almost 6 years ago

Candied fruit is different from canned fruit. It's pieces of fruit (or pieces of peel) that are soaked in heated sugar syrup, which both sweetens & preserves them. They're not sold in cans, but rather bags & plastic containers. You can usually find them in the baking aisle of the grocery store. You can also buy them online:
http://www.barryfarm.com... .
If you're up for it, you can also make it yourself. Here's a website with directions:

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added almost 6 years ago

If there are any ethnic groceries, particularly Armenian or Turkish grocery stores, around you then they often have a large selection of candied fruit.

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added almost 6 years ago

I thought this post by David Lebovitz, from a little while back, might be if interest:


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June is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added almost 6 years ago

This is great information, because the store in Boston where I always bought mine has closed. Candied fruit is especially used at Christmas time for holiday breads and the (in)famous fruit cake!

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