creative cooking: crescent roll!

Is it possible to make a pizza crust from crescent rolls? As in, can I lay them down flat across a baking pan, cover them with toppings and cook like a pizza? I have never made them before and for our night shift at the hospital we are doing a cookoff with the main ingredient being crescent rolls. I want to do a piza with pancetta, burratta, cherry tomatos and an egg over the top...not sure it is going to just completely fall apart on me! If not, I think I might just do mini beef wellingtons which doesn't really have any wow factor :/
Thanks in advance!

Daniel Decline


ZombieCupcake March 25, 2013
You could also use a muffin pan and do a roll pizza roll sprinkling the tops with cheese
cookbookchick March 25, 2013
Mini Beef Wellingtons would wow me! :-)
Daniel D. March 25, 2013
wow - celebrity answer - ha, thanks! I am going to give it a shot and post pictures if it works!
Amanda H. March 25, 2013
I think this could work! You might get a little leaking onto the pan between the layers of crescent rolls, but otherwise seems like a fun idea. Good luck with the cookoff!
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