I took my pound cake out too soon! It was lovely and brown on top, but when I upended it on the rack, there was no browning on the inside crust.

It's all white. Help!

  • Posted by: Nithya
  • April 4, 2013


Nithya April 7, 2013
I just saw the video. My, that clip of the cake rising and bursting in the oven... I wanted to drop everything and make it right there. Thank you for sharing!
Also, thanks for the info about the cannele moulds. :)
CHeeb April 4, 2013
I bought the same cannele molds, have used them several times, and they make great eggy custards. I have not used bigger silicone baking molds,so others will have to fill us in.The small cannele molds browned up so well, I too, had to tent the tops with foil.
mrslarkin April 4, 2013
have NOT tried silicon bakeware, but I did buy some mini cannelé silicon molds last year. Haven't used them yet.

i love this video of Raymond Blanc's lemon tea cake, and what he does with the glaze at the end. Going to try that next time. Yum! http://youtu.be/mVPKXE1CE5M
Nithya April 4, 2013
Mrs. Larkin, I think I blame the pan. I used a thin, light coloured aluminium bundt pan, and this was the first time I was using it. I've never had trouble with browning with my thicker pans either. The pan likely couldn't retain heat very well. Incidentally, have you ever used any silicon bakeware? Those silicon jelly pans are getting very popular here in India and I've always wondered if they're any good.
Susan, it was in the middle of the oven, and I've tested the temperature earlier and my oven generally runs true, though it does have some hot spots. Thanks for the toasted slices idea, I'll do that with the leftovers tomorrow. I remember reading on lottie+doof about this idea of coating a slice in sugar and then toasting it gently, so the sugar forms a thin caramelly crust. Now I can't wait to try it.
My mango curd doesn't have eggs. It's more like what we'd call a custard in these parts. I boiled a glass of milk and added a custard powder slurry (2 tbsp custard powder + enough milk to thin it out) to it. This was cooked till the mixture thickened. Then I stirred in four tablespoonfuls of sugar and let it cool. (I adjust the sugar quantity depending upon the sweetness of my mangoes. Since this is the beginning of the season, they are still very tart) After this cooled, I blended it with the flesh of two pureed mangoes, and served it dolloped over slices of pound cake.
susan G. April 4, 2013
When you baked the cake, was it on a high rack in the oven? In conventional ovens, I believe the heat may be higher at the top. And have you checked temperature accuracy of your oven? In previous discussions, people have mentioned that ovens can have 'hot spots.' Another thought -- if the cake was cooked through, you could have toasted slices to serve. I like the outcome! (Is the mango curd made like a lemon curd, or should you share your recipe?)
mrslarkin April 4, 2013
Yay! sounds yummy. what kind of pan did you use? I noticed when I use a darker colored, heavier loaf pan, my pound cakes brown incredibly fast.
Nithya April 4, 2013
So I did exactly that. Put it back in the pan, tented the top with foil, and then baked it at 170 C for an additional ten minutes. Then I took it out of the pan but the inside crust was still more beige than brown. So I baked it for an additional ten minutes that way, upside down, on a cookie sheet, till the whole crust browned. That was probably not a good idea, because the cake turned out dry when I finally cut into it.
Still, I served it with a tart mango curd and no one cared. :)
Thank you for all the advice!
mrslarkin April 4, 2013
Hope you were successful! I'm curious, how'd it turn out? Was the inside cooked?

I don't know what the right solution would have been, but I would've stuck it back in the pan, if possible, tented the top with foil so the top wouldn't brown anymore, and let it go for another 10 minutes or so.

Let us know!
Nithya April 4, 2013
Thank you! That's what I'm trying now, foil tent and everything. I'll report back on how it works.
Yeah, I live all the way around the globe in India, and it's 10 am and sunshiny here. :)
arcane54 April 4, 2013
Here's what I'd do. Put the cake on rack and place the rack on top of a cookie sheet. If the top is as brown as you want it, tent it loosely with foil. Bake at the same temperature until it's as brown as you like. Other, more experienced F52 bakers may have some better suggestions... But who's awake right now?
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