Why is my banana bread white instead of brown?

I’ve been making banana bread every week for about three months now and when it’s finished baking it’s always brown on top and when I cut it brown in the middle. Today it’s more white/yellow-ish it’s still taste the same but what would cause this?



Nancy June 28, 2020
Some banana bread recipes with buttermilk have a lighter-than-usual crumb. Could your batter have tipped over into that creamy range?
In any case, pretty normal.
Gammy June 26, 2020
Just guessing here... Bananas weren't as ripe as previous batches? No nuts? Bleached withe flour vs unbleached? Underbaked?
GrammaDeere June 26, 2020
Here’s the funny thing about it, the bananas were two days ripened longer then I’ve let them go before - i.e. are usually get the bananas on Thursday and make the bread on Tuesday or Wednesday night the following week. This week because of some other events I didn’t make the bread until Friday morning which is a week plus one day after getting the bananas. As I said it taste just the same so I don’t believe it was undercooked. Are used from the same flower bag as last week, and walnuts, same as always. Here is a picture:
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